Welcome to AllPlay
Thanks for your interest in volunteering for the ALLPLAY Miracle Baseball 
League. The mission of ALLPLAY Volunteers is to make the Miracle Baseball 
League the greatest experience for each player every game day in our league, 
and make ALLPLAY Complex the greatest place for each child to visit.  
Games are played on Saturday mornings beginning at 8:30am and played in two 
seasons (Summer - May & June) and Fall (August & September). ALLPLAY 
needs  Game Day Volunteers to make this mission achievable. 
We hope to see YOU !!!

Game Day Volunteers
Greeters for Game Day 
Greeters will welcome everyone to game at ALLPLAY and provide any information needed by 
players, buddies, volunteers, or guests. Additional they will provide name tags to
everyone. They will also direct first time buddies, volunteers, and others to the proper
place for training or instructions on duties for the day.  Volunteers can choose one of the 
following time slots:  7:45am - 9:45am, 9:45am - 11:45am, or 11:45am - 1:45pm.
Miracle League Game Announcer 
A Miracle League game announcer is the master of ceremonies for each Miracle League Baseball game. We need announcers to be experienced, fun and animated -- simply put, the kookier the better.  The announcer's goal is to make the game fun and enjoyable for the player's, buddies, and fans. This is BIG TIME for the kids!  Each volunteer spot is to announce TWO consecutive Miracle League Baseball games.
Volunteers can choose one of the one following time slots: 8:15am - 10:30am, 10:15am - 12:30pm, or 12:15pm to 2:30pm.

Concessions Stand Volunteer
Volunteers will help provide food and drink during Miracle League Baseball games. Food 
preparation, food service, keeping concessions area clean, and a big smile needed for this 
volunteer activity.  Volunteers can choose two hour time slots between 7:45am and 3pm. 

Homer - AllPlay's Mascot

Homer is AllPlay's official mascot.  Volunteers will wear the Homer costume and 
interact with the players during and in between games.  Volunteers will wear the 
costume for two 30 minute sessions with a 45 min break in between.

Field set-up and maintenance
Prepare ALLPLAY Complex and playing fields for Miracle League baseball game day. Set fields up, clean and maintenance grounds, and take down/put away equipment at conclusion of activities.  Volunteers can choose one of the following time slots: 7:00am - 9:00am, 9:00am - 11am, 11am to 1pm, or 1pm-3pm.

Activities include:
- Getting out balls, bats, and helmets
- Hang sponsor banners
- Fill water coolers
- Open restrooms (and clean if needed)
- Set-Up announcers tables 
- Wipe off bleachers and pick up misc. trash (as needed)
- Set up equipment for special events (as needed )
- Assist where ever needed
- Help make ALLPLAY Complex and game day special for players, buddies, and

Umpire for Miracle League Games
A Miracle League umpire will stand behind home plate and keep the game moving. 
No ball and strike calls, just traditional calls like "batter up" and "safe" will be calls
 the kids will hear as they take their turn batting and crossing home plate. We just 
need you to be fun and smile a lot. We will have a blue official umpire shirt for your 
use. Each volunteer spot is to umpire TWO consecutive Miracle League Baseball games.  
Volunteers can choose one of the one following time slots: 8:15am - 10:30am, 
10:15am - 12:30pm, or 12:15pm to 2:30pm.

Picnic Helpers
Two or three times per season ALLPLAY holds picnics for players, family, buddies, 
volunteers, and guests.  (Usually held on opening day, mid-season, and final day)  
Volunteers are needed to help grill food, serve food, keep the area clean, and help 
with any other activities needed.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Assistant League Director (s) up to two
Responsibilities: Assists League Director in league activities.

Volunteer Coordinator 
Responsibilities: Oversee community campaign for generating volunteers through various community groups; Develops and implement activities to actively recruit new volunteers; Oversee online volunteer registration process; Mails, receives, and records paper volunteer registration forms; Maintains database of volunteer information and assignments; Creates volunteer budget for the league; Creates training document, procedures, and processes for volunteers; Identify and order approved volunteer and recognition items; Ensure volunteer liability and photo consent form is executed; Ensure criminal background check on volunteer is performed when appropriate; Work to maximize volunteer satisfaction and happiness with involvement in league.

Coaches Coordinator
Responsibilities: Develops and implement activities to actively recruit coaches and assistant coaches; Train coaches on responsibilities; Ensure criminal background check on coaches is performed; Work to maximize coaches volunteer satisfaction and happiness with involvement in league.

Buddy Coordinator 
Responsibilities: Oversee community campaign for generating buddies through various community groups; Develops and implement activities to actively recruit new buddies players; Assign buddies with an ALLPLAY Miracle League player; Maintain Buddy responsibility list and train each new buddy; Ensure buddy liability and photo consent form is executed; Ensure criminal background check on buddies is performed when appropriate; Work to maximize volunteer satisfaction and happiness with involvement in league.

Special Events Coordinator 
Responsibilities: Implements and oversees special events projects as defined by Board of Angels and League Director; creates special projects budgets for the league; Order, pick-up, receive food and equipment needed for event.
         •Special events: Game day treats; Opening day; family picnics; picture day; guest visitations (shrine
           clowns, Storm Chaser players, etc.)

Sponsor & Fund Raising Coordinator
Responsibilities: Helps develop sponsor and donor programs; Identifies, recruits, and obtains potential league sponsors; Obtains signed sponsor agreements and contributions; Corresponds with existing sponsors to ensure their continued involvement and satisfaction; Maintains thorough understanding of existing sponsor agreements and ensures the details are executed as specified; Works with the treasurer to ensure contributions are appropriately deposited; Sends thank you notes to sponsors and donors; Assures that sponsors and donors are appropriately recognized through league activities, web site, and marketing materials; Create promotion and maintain game day donations.

Publicity & Marketing Coordinator 
Responsibilities: Secures and maintains media contacts in local market; Communicates with local media to publicize league events; Coordinates with National Miracle League Association on national media coverage; Obtains copies of print and TV coverage for publication to web site and distribution to players, volunteers, and buddies (when appropriate); Develops advertising and marketing projects with other coordinators; Maintain content of ALLPLAY website with technology coordinator; distribute ALLPLAY newsletter via constant contact. 

Merchandising Coordinator 
Responsibilities: Creates equipment, uniform, t-shirt, merchandise, and gift budget for the league; Orders team uniforms, league equipment, t-shirts, shirts, ALLPLAY branded merchandise for sale, appreciation gifts; Oversees distribution of items with other coordinators. Oversee game day, web site and other sales of ALLPLAY branded merchandise.

Facilities Coordinator 
Responsibilities: Oversees maintenance of ALLPLAY Miracle League field and complex; Sets-up fields on game day and maintains facilities during games; Helps secure, set-up, and take down rental and other equipment needed for special events; Oversee ALLPLAY complex clean-up days; Create budget and report expenses; Oversee volunteers; Oversee concession stand equipment maintenance and repair.

Technology Coordinator
Responsibilities: Oversees maintenance, improvements, and content of the ALLPLAY web site; establishes and maintains data bases of players, volunteers and buddies; Works with coordinators to provide reports, spreadsheets, and other information needs; Post current news, pictures, and videos on website; Create budget and report expenses. 

Concessions Coordinator
Responsibilities: Oversees operation of ALLPLAY concessions operation; Oversee, coordinate & train volunteers to staff concession operation during game day; Order and procure products for sale; Oversee food preparation process in compliance with food safety standards; Create budget and report expenses. 

ALLPLAY Miracle League Volunteers
2011 ALLPLAY Miracle League
Slide show by Sam McCubbin