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Volunteer to be the buddy of an ALLPLAY Miracle League Baseball player and 
make  a difference in a child's life - and yours! Buddies are vital to the Miracle 
League as they assist the players one-on-one throughout the ball game to 
ensure assure safety and fun for everyone involved.  You don't even need 
to know how to play baseball!  You just need to know how to have fun!

A Buddy is a Player's helper during the baseball game. They accompany their 
Player around the field, in the dugout and enable them to play the game. The 
Buddy might push a wheelchair or run alongside of their Player from base to 
base. The Buddy also assists them in playing their field position.

A Buddy is a friend: A Buddy makes an effort to get to know their Player as an 
individual and who they are as a person. Buddies connect with their Players 
through asking questions and through their interaction with their Player on
the field throughout the game. Buddies give lots of encouragement and 
are  their Players biggest cheerleaders!

A Buddy is safety: A Buddy keeps their Player safe during the game 
whether it be fielding or guiding Player around the bases.

Buddies can be family members (Dad, mom, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandpa,
 grandma, etc.)​, friends, or community volunteers including students. High school
 students can earn community service hours for their volunteer efforts. The most important responsibility for a buddy is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their player, and in return buddies may make a lifelong friend who will truly impact their life.

There is no registration fee or any cost to be a buddy - it's FREE. Buddies can sign-up for 2 games time slots through our online volunteer website. Games are played on Saturday mornings beginning at 8:30am and played in two seasons (Summer - May & June) and Fall (August & September).  Of course if you would like to work with the same player each week just indicate that on your registration, and if you know that players name be sure to include it.

ALLPLAY Miracle Baseball League - Buddy Guidelines

1.  Please show up for each game you volunteer for — your player and his/her team are counting on you.  
     Please show up at least 15 minutes before scheduled game time.
2.  Check in at the Greeter table.
3.  Let the player do as much of the activities as his/her abilities will allow. Only assist when a player is
     unable to take an action that is not within his/her capabilities.
4.  Make sure your player puts on a hard helmet when going to bat. (Check with parents to make sure it
     won’t upset him/her, however.)
5.  Select a bat that is appropriate to your player’s abilities and size. (The player may already know what
     he/she wants to use.)
6.  Find out if your player needs to use a batting tee.  If not, after several pitches without a hit ball, the 
     coach will ask him/her to hit from a batting T to keep the game moving.
7.  Assist the player to the bases by gentle directing. (Some will need to be pushed by wheelchair or their 
     hands held to guide them.) Do not overtake a previous base runner.
8.  If a player can reach down and grab a ball, allow him/her to do so.
9.  If a player can’t reach the ball, but can throw, hand him/her the ball.
10. If a ball goes by a player and he/she can move to it, do not go get. Take or encourage the player to
     go get the ball and get it back in play.
11. Talk with your player—help him/her understand the flow of the game, what to do if a ball comes
     toward him/her, which base to run or throw to next.
12. BE POSITIVE in comments and instructions. ENJOY the game and ENCOURAGE your player to do
     so as tell. Talk with your Buddy Leader and player’s parents/caregivers if you have any questions or
     concerns with your player

COVID-19 Safety Procedures
AllPlay will be following the guidelines, requirements, and safety recommendations of the Douglas County Health Commissioner. Parents and guardians of players need to individually assess the protocols being used on game day and take appropriate safety precautions. For the safety of our players, volunteers, and others the following guidelines will be in effect for the 2021 Fall Season (but maybe changed):

  •   AllPlay prefers and recommends that unvaccinated players wear a mask unless the mask creates undue issues or stress on the player or the player has been vaccinated.
  •   Family members are requested to be a player's buddy if possible (although volunteer buddies will be available)
  •   Volunteers over the age of 16 (including buddies) are requested to be vaccinated. Masks may be required for all volunteers.

Miracle League Buddy Video
Please watch this video that was created Triangle Miracle League in Cary, NC. It gives a great overview of the importance and contributions of buddies to the success of the Miracle League.

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